Paneled [verb]

Definition of Paneled:

put covering inside object

Synonyms of Paneled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paneled:


Sentence/Example of Paneled:

He could see Marcia in its paneled rooms and on its old lawns—Marcia and Newbury.

True, the actual furniture was paneled, cupid-surmounted, and ridiculous.

Motionless, intent, holding my breath, I listened at the paneled wall.

The walls were paneled with gilt-framed mirrors, and here the attendant left them.

Massive beams ran from one end to the other of the paneled ceiling.

There were wooden cradles, which often were paneled or carved.

One wall had been paneled but the others never had been finished.

The entire room was paneled in oak, and this appeared to be new.

He was in time to observe Garth enter by the paneled tunnel door.

On removing the plaster, it was found that the whole side of the room was paneled.