Panorama [noun]

Definition of Panorama:

scene, horizon

Synonyms of Panorama:

Opposite/Antonyms of Panorama:


Sentence/Example of Panorama:

Since he had quitted the Panorama he felt as though he no longer knew where he was.

And, indeed, such a panorama I can hardly hope to see elsewhere.

A relation of Peter T.'s; why, if he'd been twice the panorama he was we'd have let him in when he said that.

But, strangely enough, they did not even glance at this panorama.

I have but to shut my eyes and the panorama of it is before me.

At one place where the panorama exhibited the church was too small.

The honest German was thereby convinced that the panorama was a good investment.

The strong arms of Bedford Tom, and Jake soon righted the panorama.

Palmer and Bedford Tom had all their weight against the frame of the panorama.

Jake, grabbing the windlass, soon had the panorama slowly ascending.