Pantheist [noun]

Definition of Pantheist:

person who does not believe in an orthodox religion

Synonyms of Pantheist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pantheist:

Sentence/Example of Pantheist:

Nothing could be more absurd than to call Shelley a Pantheist.

Judithe is pantheist enough to fancy that animals have souls.

As poet and artist I am polytheist; as a student of Nature I am pantheist.

Only as such can any pantheist pretend to impose morality as law.

But such expressions on the lips of a pantheist are utterly illusive.

If not, what is there, let the pantheist tell us, in nature besides nature?

Under this definition, Mr. Murphy must be ranked a Pantheist.

But the abrupt question of the Pantheist was, Mr. Emmons, how old are you?

The pantheist errs not so much in what he affirms of it, as in what he denies to it.

Hence the indifferentist and pantheist was assailed from the most diverse sides.