Panther [noun]

Definition of Panther:

large cat

Synonyms of Panther:

Opposite/Antonyms of Panther:


Sentence/Example of Panther:

He's not so large or tall, but quick and springy, and muscled like a panther.

The Panther was forced to repass the Vulcan in the new maneuver.

Then the false mother had to turn into a panther again, lest she fall down.

On her way a panther met her, and asked where she were going.

But when the panther came in, they saw it was not really their mother after all.

“A panther has devoured our mother and our brother,” said the girls.

“A panther has devoured our mother and brother,” said the girls.

Now the woman wanted to call for help, but the panther seized and devoured her.

But Panther was not pleased to think that his brother was so uneducated, so he had him study.

The ogre, surprised, asked him who he was, and Panther told him his whole story.