Panting [noun]

Definition of Panting:


Synonyms of Panting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Panting:


Sentence/Example of Panting:

Panting, she undid the scarf and flooded the room with light.

Panting for breath I blundered at the task of connecting the light.

Panting, completely exhausted, Ken forced his brain to the question.

Panting and breathless he defended himself as best he could.

Panting and crouching, Winterslea groped his way among them.

Panting, quivering, Emily drew from the embrace and fled within.

Panting violently, he flings himself at his door, and beats on it.

Panting and a little frightened, he reached Mrs. Peyton's car.

Panting, we arrived on the ledges overlooking the boat and the schooner.

Panting, but in utter silence, Gyp struggled to drive him out.