Pantomime [noun]

Definition of Pantomime:

an imitation

Synonyms of Pantomime:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pantomime:


Sentence/Example of Pantomime:

A pantomime produced at Covent Garden, and published in 1778.

I thanked him as best I could in pantomime and approached the walls.

"You're really like a child at a pantomime, Babs," he laughed, when they were alone.

He was the dwarf policeman in Holland's pantomime in the winter-time!

A mortuary, a dissecting-chamber, or a pantomime property-room?

I made the pantomime of presenting a pistol, and then of a man falling.

But the Lugareo had been going through a pantomime of scrutinizing my person.

No matter in what pantomime the scene occurs, as it may do for any.

"That is better than having a bayonet poked into your inside," I said, by pantomime.

Hillard understood this pantomime; the diplomat had been a share-holder.