Papa [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Papa:

You and my other uncle can do a great deal for me, if you please, with my papa.

Papa was the Pussycat and she was the little mouse in her hole under the bed-clothes.

There was nothing like that in Connie Hancock's Papa's house.

"He's no business to behave as if it was Papa's fault," said Harriett.

Your papa and I wish you to say nothing whatever about it to any one.

"I am very glad for you and papa, mother dear," answered Hester.

Papa used to think that she had no talent for anything but dancing.

Papa, a young man came into sister's room while I was there.

"But Papa Jack would die befo' he'd take help from you," she wailed.

But, you see, Papa Charles is not rich enough to do for us what he would like.