Paperwork [noun]

Definition of Paperwork:

office work

Synonyms of Paperwork:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paperwork:


Sentence/Example of Paperwork:

There's a lot of paperwork to such a sale, and it's all handled by the company.

His desk across the room was there for paperwork only, and Taggert had precious little of that to bother with.

He sat down again and buried himself in paperwork, trying to avoid the edge of an old fear.

During my Administration we cut the paperwork burden by 15 percent, and we created procedures to continue this progress.

Isobel turned away and took up some paperwork, without further words.

For your information, gangster, all officers do a tour of duty on paperwork before they're assigned to their permanent branch.

He takes care of most things down there, paperwork and stuff like that.

But as far as paperwork, I can't bring anything out specifically.

And then I waited around for ten days until the company finished the paperwork involved in buying that claim from me.