Pappy [adjective]

Definition of Pappy:

cushioned, squishy

Synonyms of Pappy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pappy:

Sentence/Example of Pappy:

The kid stopped in the street and said to me: "You don't have to follow me around, Pappy."

The "Pappy" should kiss his brat—but were they one and the same kisses?

He got her from Mr. Addison Hilliard, where my pappy belonged.

Anyway his pappy was from England, and I think he went back before I was born.

When pappy got free he come and asked me to go with him, and I went along and lived with him.

I was born on the plantation, soon after my pappy and mammy was brought to it.

My pappy's name was Addison, and he always belonged to Dr. Alexander.

Her pappy was richer than his pappy, and she was sure quality!

He's a healthy little Mekstrom, and like his pappy, Steve Junior is a carrier, too.

If it wasn't for you, pappy couldn't git his harvestin' done.'