Papyrus [noun]

Definition of Papyrus:

material upon which one writes

Synonyms of Papyrus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Papyrus:


Sentence/Example of Papyrus:

We have mummy wheat,—cloth of papyrus, which is a kind of straw.

Wreaths of papyrus crowned these dishes with their green foliage.

Papyrus, like the art of writing upon it, came originally from Egypt.

It was impossible to get it away without tearing the outer sheets of papyrus.

The pond is edged by papyrus plants, which are alternately in blossom and in bud.

Demetrius spoke no more, but arranged the sheets of papyrus that strewed the table.

His profits on the manufacture of papyrus might have maintained a cityfull of poor.

The lower down they sailed, the denser were the thickets of papyrus on the shore.

If Caracalla tore it open, the papyrus and the writing might be damaged.

Rent in two pieces, the strip of papyrus fluttered to the ground.