Parabola [noun]

Definition of Parabola:

arched, rounded line or object

Synonyms of Parabola:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parabola:


Sentence/Example of Parabola:

He reached the height of the 'parabola,' and is now about to descend.

Is the orbit that of an ellipse, or a circle, or a parabola?

You will remember that a Republican State is represented by a parabola.

As a matter of fact the path of a projectile in vacuo is only approximately a parabola.

Its actual path will be a curve, which in this case is a parabola.

The parabola of a comet was perhaps a yet better illustration of the career of humanity.

The vertex of the parabola is at the level of the greatest velocity.

The resulting diagram is a curve which is approximately a parabola.

A heavy silver match-box was tossed in a parabola through the air.

If the air-resistance be neglected, it can be shown that the trajectory is a parabola.