Paradigm [noun]

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The paradigm of a once-for-life education is over, as much as literacy is over.

These paradigm descriptions facilitate our knowing how we are with others.

Verona shall serve as the paradigm for the despotic form of government.

The paradigm employed uses eye movement recordings and comprehension measures to study picture-text interactions.

The paradigm of self-servicing machines, of circuits that can fix themselves (von Neumann's genius at work) is already a reality.

Their uses will be best ascertained by examining the paradigm at the end of this section.

The inheritance of eye color serves as a paradigm of the method of inheritance of any unit-character.

Rapid Dominance also means looking to invest in technologies perhaps not fully or currently captured by the Cold War paradigm.

What we intend by the use of the term general theory is similar to "conceptual framework," "conceptual model," or "paradigm."