Paradisiacal [adjective]

Definition of Paradisiacal:


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Sentence/Example of Paradisiacal:

She was convinced that Paris could not fail to be paradisiacal.

Whatever the causes were, the earth has returned to paradisiacal conditions.

This last purchase raised Susan into a paradisiacal condition, for which it is to be hoped nobody will despise her.

The idea of the Paradisiacal happiness of the earliest human beings constitutes one of the most universal of traditions.

And it is this scourge, caused by the power of the serpent, which occasions the departure for ever from the paradisiacal region.

There are even passages in the paradisiacal part of "Paradise Lost," which he might study with advantage.

Animals (except, perhaps, a pig) seem never out of place, even in the most paradisiacal spheres.

In what paradisiacal pastures must he have moved and breathed and earned his livelihood!

We would gladly linger over these records of a paradisiacal home where Adam and Eve renewed their innocent loves and happy labors.

The city of which there is a pattern in heaven (Republic), is here described as a Paradisiacal state of human society.