Paradoxes [noun]

Definition of Paradoxes:

contradiction, puzzle

Synonyms of Paradoxes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paradoxes:

Sentence/Example of Paradoxes:

The effect of the paradoxes of Zeno extended far beyond the Eleatic circle.

A hint has been already given that the paradoxes of Zeno admitted of a higher application.

But they appear to him, as he says in the Philebus also, to be rather truisms than paradoxes.

He is active and able, with nothing wrong about him except his paradoxes.

How then comes the history of astronomy among the paradoxes?

Among the essays of Morhof is one on the "Paradoxes of the Senses."

He did much for astronomy, but not much for the Budget of Paradoxes.

There are two works of his by which he was known, apart from his paradoxes.

For our faith, as it has been said, is a religion of paradoxes.

Because his conformation makes him utter nothing but paradoxes.