Paragraph [noun]

Definition of Paragraph:

part, article

Synonyms of Paragraph:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paragraph:

Sentence/Example of Paragraph:

Before returning it to his pocket he stole a glance at the last lines of a paragraph.

Here and there a paragraph was marked, and leaves dog's-eared.

The Times of to-day has a paragraph on the big trees of California.

She cannot love him, or she could not be thinking of a paragraph in the newspaper at this moment.

As it's so serious the paragraph shall go in, I promise you.

Its first paragraph, to the word "separation," is a noble introduction.

Sir, that paragraph is an excrescence on the tree of our liberty.

Illustrations have been moved where necessary so that they are not in the middle of a paragraph.

There was a paragraph in a corner of the paper, which caught his eye at once.

One of the brethren thought it his duty to show this paragraph to John.