Parallel [adjective]

Definition of Parallel:

aligned, side-by-side

Synonyms of Parallel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parallel:

Sentence/Example of Parallel:

Our present financial condition is without a parallel in history.

There is no parallel in history to the humiliation they have patiently borne.

In all history there is no parallel case, and no official record such as his.

Surely, so far, the things for which both he and I were chosen were parallel.

He will not only be a Prince now, but a master "without a parallel" in the liberal arts.

To run straight, the axes of all the wheels must obviously be parallel.

I do it for a rather singular reason, which I will illustrate by a parallel.

I pass all this by: I will run the parallel between the slave and wife.

Personal charms, it would be ridiculous to run the parallel.

The position of the bed, the idea of the draperies all are parallel.