Parallelograms [noun]

Definition of Parallelograms:

four-sided figure

Synonyms of Parallelograms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parallelograms:


Sentence/Example of Parallelograms:

The tables at which the guests are seated form three sides of a parallelogram.

From shoulders to the ground he was in the form of a parallelogram.

The plan is a parallelogram, with a semicircle at the further end.

These lines formed a parallelogram about three feet in length by two in breadth.

This day come home the instrument I have so long longed for, the Parallelogram.

The building is a parallelogram in form, with a frontage of 335 feet.

These four resistances are arranged in the form of a parallelogram.

The eyes are of the shape of a parallelogram with rounded corners.

The parallelogram in the front contains a cross and has the appearance of a labyrinth, but it is not.

This stamp is of the form of a parallelogram, and is inscribed on two of its sides.