Paralogism [noun]

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Thus it is evident that in all such arguments there lurks a paralogism.

This Paralogism does not concern itself with the nature of the soul.

The argument of the Paralogism of the first edition is itself Berkeleian, and refutes only the problematic idealism of Descartes.

It more naturally connects with the category of unity; but the category of unity is required for the third Paralogism.

The paralogism is transcendental in character, resting upon a transcendental ground.

The second paragraph is a very pointed restatement of a main supporting argument of this second Paralogism.

(a) The original criticism, parallel to that of the first Paralogism, would seem to be contained in paragraphs five to nine.

(Desire of nothing is the most desirable thing, is a paralogism in logic).