Paralytic [adjective]

Definition of Paralytic:

impaired in movement

Synonyms of Paralytic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paralytic:



Sentence/Example of Paralytic:

The shock, we are told, brought on a paralytic seizure of which he died.

At the house of an old lady of seventy, a paralytic, the rebuff was of a different kind.

He had also learned something of the paralytic seizure which the disaster had occasioned.

The eyes of the paralytic had faintly lit up at his approach.

I trembled like a paralytic, and was afraid that my anger might get me into difficulty.

Here again the most frequent is the cure of paralytic symptoms and of obsessions.

They heard the words spoken to the paralytic, and were angered thereat.

They must wait upon the paralytic father with proper punctilio.

He was lame from a paralytic stroke, and had lost the use of his speech and of his hands.

I am arranging to give it to the home for paralytic children.