Paralyze [verb]

Definition of Paralyze:


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Sentence/Example of Paralyze:

There must be continuity of this structure too, for to sever a nerve is to paralyze all beyond.

But do not be too much of a precisian, or you will paralyze me.

It seemed to check and paralyze for the moment his generous nature.

Its devilish power to paralyze and still the soul of him was gone.

The sight seemed to paralyze him for a moment, for he stood like one turned to marble.

To-morrow we'll put a team into the field that will paralyze Rockland.

By strikes we can paralyze industry and give the workers consciousness of their power.

The cold feeling was now a ball of ice that threatened to paralyze me.

It would only break open its armor, and they hoped, paralyze its crew.

Her emotion seemed to choke her utterance, paralyze her speech.