Paralyzed [adjective]

Definition of Paralyzed:


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Sentence/Example of Paralyzed:

She was blind and paralyzed, and on the extreme verge of eternity.

Calendar's ravings were abrupted as if his tongue had been paralyzed.

By and by, her brain grew less active; thought was paralyzed by pain.

A man whose limbs have been paralyzed, may still will to remove mountains.

Later I learned that his spine had been broken, that he would be paralyzed for life.

Most certainly it had been paralyzed, prevented from acting.

Augustus was a paralyzed statue, but Olivia had her senses with her.

The Seabury girl was mightily set back, but old Van was paralyzed.

Keziah's face was a picture, a crimson picture of paralyzed amazement.

I'd known it if I was a mile away, 'less I was paralyzed in my ears.