Paramour [noun]

Definition of Paramour:


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Sentence/Example of Paramour:

The king himself now asserts it was because he had tried to seduce his paramour.

It is so easy to punish the woman, and yet it is not proved that she was worse than her paramour.

How can you be the paramour type if you refuse to fall in love foolishly?

I deduced he was her paramour, husband or close relative, perhaps a brother.

For some months she enjoyed with her paramour all for which she had sighed in her home.

Come—I am impatient to shed your blood, and that of your paramour.

If her paramour is of low caste similar to herself, he has to marry her.

He disgraced his honored name by actually marrying his paramour.

Gyges loved a paramour so passionately that she governed him and the kingdom.

And so she took him at night into that cellar to his wife, who was expecting her paramour the leper.