Paranoid [adjective]

Definition of Paranoid:

affected by paranoia

Synonyms of Paranoid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paranoid:


Sentence/Example of Paranoid:

He was the one to blame; he'd known Dorflay's paranoid condition for years.

But a paranoid Talent could think of them, and know that they were true.

He has all the tendencies to suspicion that a paranoid personality has.

Knowing this, they are also paranoid but, as distinct from the classic pathology, they do have enemies.

Even if it's a paranoid constitutional inferior like Jimmy's father.

Another interview with the paranoid giant who had brought the disc, perhaps.

And the best part -- as far as I was concerned -- was that ParanoidXbox was paranoid.

That was enough to stimulate Candar's driving, paranoid megalomania to the full.

You see, out of touch with the real world, a paranoid can attach great value to utterly worthless objects.

It had still scared me witless and left me paranoid and checking my shoulder for weeks.