Paranormal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Paranormal:

As for photographs, I have never obtained any paranormal ones.

Researchers have accumulated data on the power of prayer and faith, and on paranormal manifestations.

I have just pointed out in detail certain purely physical processes for provoking the production of paranormal phenomena.

The existence of paranormal photography is affirmed by sincere and honourable men, and their experiments deserve to be resumed.

At present I am observing a more complex case, in which paranormal phenomena accompany automatic writing.

Parakinesis is a paranormal movement with contact; telekinesis is a paranormal movement without contact.

I have remarked, that often the paranormal movement has to be normally simulated before it is supernormally realised.

In his paraNormal days he had never noticed them but it certainly was true that there were a lot of Suspendeds about.

Usually the paraNormal kept his feet on a desk rest and, eyes closed, contemplated incoming entertainment.

Like every other paraNormal, I received my education by tapping Central for contact with information centers and other minds.