Parasites [noun]

Definition of Parasites:

something that exists by taking from or depending on another

Synonyms of Parasites:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parasites:

Sentence/Example of Parasites:

The women eliminate the baker, the soap boiler, and a lot of other parasites.

Parasites derive their nourishment from living plants and animals.

Each man can wear his own parasites, but it's a task for him to stand another man's.

You are like Timon of Athens, and I'm like one of his parasites.

Man, and all other animals on Earth, are parasites of the plant world.

One of these, hollow and old, had upon its top a crowd of parasites.

An irritation suggests parasites, and parasites suggest an irritation.

The resources of the duchy were racked to support these parasites.

It is to kill the parasites on the sheep and cure any diseases of the eyes.

He was puzzled by the case of parasites, especially in putrefying matter.