Parasitical [adjective]

Definition of Parasitical:

groveling, submissive

Opposite/Antonyms of Parasitical:

Sentence/Example of Parasitical:

That is intensely curious about the parasitical plant of Borneo.

Pope, it must be remembered, is essentially a parasitical writer.

Scarcely is the sun risen when we are plagued by the parasitical and inquisitive mob.

Are you not ashamed to crowd around a table, like parasitical dogs?

Because the mistletoe is a parasitical plant, growing upon the bark of other trees.

All the parasitical crustaceans are placed in this first category.

The Mutill are parasitical on solitary bees, their larv devouring their larv.

They are not the creations of a God; they are the parasitical images of type.

They had it all figured out, in their own parasitical, cold-blooded way.

And yet the cow-bird finds this nest and drops her parasitical egg in it.