Parboiling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Parboiling:

Soak the beans overnight and then parboil them in soda water.

Parboil three or four of the largest sweet-breads you can get.

Or parboil them for forty-five minutes, drain, roll in flour and fry.

After they are well cleaned, parboil the meat, then pick it to pieces.

Clean the head and feet; and put them on to parboil with the liver.

Parboil them in salt and water; when done, take them up and dry them in a cloth.

Parboil them for five minutes, and turn them upside down to drain.

Parboil a pint of oysters in their own liquor, skim out, and drain.

Parboil the roe for ten minutes in salted and acidulated water.

Parboil the sweetbreads, split and cut in pieces about the size of a large oyster.