Parceled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Parceled:

They were parceled out like cattle among the English settlements.

"I guess they're all parceled round," said Sallie with symptoms of sniffing.

Even in his lifetime he parceled them out to sons and grandsons.

And what is more, the money was parceled out to each one on the very floor of the Senate and House.

Grant called out the groups of seven and each lodging house, tenement and car on the railroad siding was parceled out to a group.

But a large rope is always wormed and parceled before being served.

And so the division of reporters continues until all the sources of news have been parceled out.

It will be said that China parceled out to modern nations will vastly extend in trading opportunities.

It had considerable amount of wampum in its belt, which was parceled out to the members in good standing.

Beneath the skull was lying a heavy braid of auburn hair, which was parceled out among the villagers.