Parcelling [verb]

Definition of Parcelling:

divide into shares

Synonyms of Parcelling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parcelling:

Sentence/Example of Parcelling:

Alexander, in parcelling out his spoils, left himself "hope!"

I will get an Act for enclosing Nunnely Common, and parcelling it out into farms.

A week later he returned from his hunting to find some white labourers calmly ploughing up his crops and parcelling out his land.

Pan Mashko offers papa three thousand life annuity, and the whole amount for the parcelling of Magyerovka.

This process he performed by parcelling out the island among his followers and reducing the natives to slavery.

Money-prizes were discontinued, and shopkeepers, parcelling out their goods, disposed of them by lottery.

Could it be connected with the turning of Grasmere into a manor, and with the parcelling out of a demesne in the valley?

Then he conceals the assumption by parcelling out the accidental modification in a supposed series of transitional stages.

Parcel with the lay of the rope, working toward the centre; and serve against the lay, beginning where you left off parcelling.

Ostensibly you are dividing up the great estates, but actually you are parcelling them out and charging rent.