Parcels [noun]

Definition of Parcels:

container prepared to be sent

Synonyms of Parcels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parcels:




Sentence/Example of Parcels:

Lizzie could not control her laughter when he said "parcel."

I have luckily deposited my parcel, and have your letter of last night.

When the parcel comes to your hands, as I hope it safely will, you will be pleased to open it.

If Robert take this without the parcel, pray let him return immediately for it.

I ought yesterday to have acknowledged the receipt of your parcel.

It was lucky; for I doubt not they had numbered how many were in the parcel.

It was enclosed in a pasteboard box, and, when packed, looked just like the parcel of pills.

Never did I hear of such a parcel of foolish toads as these Harlowes!

She took down the parcel from the shelf and undid the string.

The law was being lived about him by all live things, and he himself was part and parcel of the law.