Pardonable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Pardonable:

"It can't be me," she said with a pardonable disregard of English.

"I think we have won through, mademoiselle," said he, with pardonable vanity.

Most men, meanly envious, disliked him; all men held him in pardonable distrust.

The caprice of keeping them company for a day might be pardonable.

"Just look at Rogue and my daughter, Sue, suh," he was wont to say with pardonable pride.

With a friend one sees so seldom, a little dalliance is most pardonable.

Jealousy to him was a weakness, only pardonable when the cause was trivial.

According to her it was all weakness, and pardonable at such an age.

It was well for the world, perhaps, that you were blind; but it was pardonable in us to see.

She smiled in retrospect; it would have been pardonable if Neeld had smiled too.