Pardoned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Pardoned:

The whole is a ruin, yet intact, if I may be pardoned the paradox.

In the circumstances we could not look to be pardoned, even on the score of youth.

Well, that I could have pardoned, if she had not been so base as to go over to Mrs. Luttridge.

But my deceased husband offended the high heavens and he has not yet been pardoned.

In vain he searched again through the catalogue of pardoned sinners.

One sin, and only one there was which could not be pardoned, and he had been guilty of it.

May I be pardoned a personal account of this particular feature.

But the concealment, the lying and duplicity, these cannot be pardoned until they have been confessed.

This, if I may be pardoned the continued parallel, is our Manx Miranda.

Rotherby had been pardoned his loyalty to the fallen dynasty.