Parentage [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Parentage:

His parentage was obscure, and he was generally known only by his nickname of Professor.

On the contrary, I was delighted; her parentage was well known to me.

Nothing is certain about his parentage, and his age is the subject of dispute.

Notwithstanding her Jewish parentage, she was fair as the day and fresh as the dawn.

"You have been in error, sir, touching your parentage," quoth he bluntly.

The taint of alcoholism was in his blood, and matrimony and parentage were not for him.

Was revenge his motive now, stronger since her revelation of her parentage?

The vine is usually vigorous and, considering its parentage, is very hardy.

Through this channel Atlee drew him on to the subject of the Greek girl and her parentage.

Parentage in Burma has never degenerated into a sort of slavery.