Parental [adjective]

Definition of Parental:

having the quality or nature of a parent

Synonyms of Parental:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parental:


Sentence/Example of Parental:

The voice of parental and conjugal tenderness was silent in the grave!

I suspect that he was shocked at my neglect of parental duties.

Did they realize that it was poured before the altar of parental devotion?

The mighty machines were far too powerful for the prejudices of parental hearts.

And now, together with my parental blessing, I bequeath to you this doll.

But the parental responsibility and merit must be attributed to him who hatches.

But ought we not to stir ourselves up with regard to parental duties?

As he neared the parental roof, he let out a series of yells with "Mother!"

So there is both the filial and the parental attitude in patriotism.

A week later the brood is all hatched and the parental troubles begin.