Parenthood [noun]

Definition of Parenthood:

period of being pregnant with child

Synonyms of Parenthood:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parenthood:

Sentence/Example of Parenthood:

She couldn't get over her sense of his parenthood, his authority.

Then you will have a family and enjoy all the pleasures of parenthood.

It is, next to marriage and parenthood, the most exacting of human relationships.

The question of the right age for parenthood is naturally of importance.

Marriage and parenthood are twin obligations that the individual owes to the race.

"There is a time for love-making and a time for parenthood," he said.

We should not need to discuss any question of selection for parenthood.

Its issue determines the survivors for parenthood and the future.

Soon after their marriage the timid notion of parenthood had escaped them.

Parenthood on the part of the worthy must be buttressed, guided, and extolled.