Parenting [verb]

Definition of Parenting:

create, build

Opposite/Antonyms of Parenting:

Sentence/Example of Parenting:

I'm often given unasked-for parenting advice from female parents who often, frankly, have much less parenting experience in general and absolutely none with my kids.

I would love to have a dog but I know it’s a lot of responsibility so co-parenting would be a plus.

Top 10 parenting lessons I learned from David LettermanIt’s time to end the TV trope of the needy empty-nest mom

My mother’s efforts to juggle a career with solo parenting gave me a sense of professional empowerment.

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So they should only ever be used as an addition to—not a substitution for—good parenting.

The truth is that parenting this generation has meant constantly wrestling with what to shield them from, and what to let them know is happening around them.

They were the ones we’d rely on as we embarked on the parenting journey some day, those who had raised us, and those who would soon be having babies we’d want to help raise, too.

Long before she ever became a mother, even before she met and married her husband, Brent, Kyl Myers had thought about what she calls “gender creative parenting.”

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