Parishioner [noun]

Definition of Parishioner:

amateur person, not trained in religious or other profession

Synonyms of Parishioner:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parishioner:

Sentence/Example of Parishioner:

Some time after, he applied to a parishioner to lend him twenty pounds.

You must remember that my father is a parishioner of Mr. Swancourt's.'

Isn't it our business if he breaks his word with a parishioner of ours?

The utterance stayed in the parishioner's soul, sounding solemnly on.

If a parishioner dying in the small-pox sent to you, would you not go?

He has been telling me how you live up to your duties as neighbor and parishioner.

I said, You must pay exactly the same penalty that you demanded from your parishioner.

After all, I'm a parishioner, and I've a right to enter the church!

Is it strange that the parishioner respects them but little?

He was looking for a little girl, the daughter of a parishioner.