Parked [adjective]

Definition of Parked:


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Sentence/Example of Parked:

The little house was bustling; a dozen automobiles were parked in the barnyard.

Lights blazed in every window; a dozen automobiles were parked before the barn.

Seeing the crowd, Wilson drove directly to the yard and parked his machine.

Presently the roar of a motor came from the direction of the parked trucks.

It is parked in the lane between Leland's house and the road.

There was a tremendous pile of rocks resting where he'd parked his car.

The snooper was drifting aimlessly about, avoiding the parked vehicles.

He had parked the Ford with its trailer attachment at the west end of the platform.

At near the noon hour they parked in front of the National Bank in Cheyenne.

I parked in the middle of an intersection, but I didn't think they'd mind.