Parks [noun]

Definition of Parks:

land that is reserved for pleasure, recreation

Synonyms of Parks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parks:


Sentence/Example of Parks:

And he appeared so well in the victoria when they drove in the park.

I ramble around the park and see lovers on benches—it's rather thrilling.

She turned towards the Park, and then, after a little while, turned back again.

The lights of Victoria saw him too, and Sloane Square, and the railings of the park.

What about that other man supposed to have escaped from the park?

It was that half-witted lad then who had perished in the park.

And indeed Johnny looked sick; he was the most miserable specimen in the Park.

The reply came: "No shooting allowed in Park; use the hose."

I then went into the park, walking there as fast and as long as I possibly could.

The monument was dedicated July 28th, 1867, at the maple grove, in the park.