Parleying [verb]

Definition of Parleying:

achieve settlement

Opposite/Antonyms of Parleying:

Sentence/Example of Parleying:

He was severely blamed in the press for parleying with an outlaw.

It was past the hour of closing and the host was not in a humor for parleying.

The ship was escorted into the city and the parleying began.

After a good deal of parleying, I was told that it was because I was black.

He was soon in line with the front door—his man was parleying with a servant.

From him we learned that the Indians and some Spaniards had been parleying with our men all day.

With him there had been no parleying at the door as in Coxeter's own case.

He was shot by an Arab, while he was parleying with a Roman soldier.

It seemed to him that he really ought to quit, and here he was parleying with himself.

After some parleying, about thirty of the natives crossed the river.