Parlor [noun]

Definition of Parlor:

sitting room

Synonyms of Parlor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parlor:


Sentence/Example of Parlor:

The first task that was set her was that of sweeping and dusting a parlor.

He was shown into the parlor, and Will Paine came down to see him.

If they entered a house, he sat in the parlor; if they peeped into the kitchen, he was there.

Among my other activities, I wired the parlor for electric light.

It might have been the parlor of the White Springs Hotel in duplicate, plush self-rocker and all.

He had come out in the hall, and had closed the door into the parlor behind him.

In the nurses' parlor, a few feet down the corridor, the nurses were at prayers.

The Captain stumped along in front of her into the parlor, and motioned her to a seat.

You'll find the sofa in the parlor on the right, and can't miss it.

What was done in the parlor might be done with divine approbation on every plantation.