Parodist [noun]

Definition of Parodist:

person who imitates

Synonyms of Parodist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parodist:


Sentence/Example of Parodist:

That is true, and indeed as a parodist Sir George Trevelyan belongs to the metrical miocene.

English serious opera has not often fallen a prey to the untender mercies of the parodist.

The parodist who wrote the following newspaper quatrain was no enemy of the automobile in spite of his cynicism.

As a writer of light verse and as a parodist, his agile work has delighted a generation of admirers.

A theme more delicate and intimate than that of our Friends in fiction awaits a more passionate writer than the present parodist.

Self-control and self-restraint are also needed; a parodist may go to the very edge, but he must not fall over.

He first made his mark as a parodist and a writer of humorous Latin verse.

A 'Parodist's Apology,' added in the later edition of the Lapsus.