Parody [noun]

Definition of Parody:

imitation, spoof

Synonyms of Parody:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parody:

Sentence/Example of Parody:

Let the creed and commandments even have the saucy homage of parody.

You may parody the great statesman's peroration, and say, 'Where the King cannot enter, he can.'

Parody also helped in its way to the formation of the drama.

Aha, you've discovered it's a parody, have you, you sly minx!

We have already had occasion to notice it in connexion with Field's parody of Kyd.

It was by way of parody of this phrase that a sister of Sixtus IV.

But look here; I've got a parody on the chieftain that'll make you cry with laughing.

It was in three cantos, and was a parody on the English ballad of Chevy Chace.

I have read an amusing fable, which was evidently a parody of this phenomenon.

It would indeed be a parody on a Remedy if it did not bring relief to this class.