Parole [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Parole:

Give me leave for three days on parole, and I will see you fully satisfied.

This parole he broke, landing from Europe at Vera Cruz in 1824.

After reigning for a twelvemonth, he was banished from Mexico on parole never to return.

If he could be released from parole he would do loyal service for his country.

I gave my parole, and was allowed to come here to nurse him.

For your parole forbids you to speak only to your mother and grandmother.

One of the prizes had been released on parole, and the other two were then with the "Georgianna."

He has refused to give his parole, and I am afraid he means to try to make his escape.

"We'll give you our parole not to try to escape," offered General Ashley.

And if we decided to try to escape we'd tell you and take the parole back.