Parquetry [noun]

Definition of Parquetry:

particular type of embellishment

Synonyms of Parquetry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parquetry:

Sentence/Example of Parquetry:

But Antonia says that we ought to have parquetry and slippery rugs.

St. Dorothy's is perfectly charming, only you've to get your parquetry legs, or you'll have many a great fall.

They upset a bucket of water in their agitation, and it flowed across the parquetry, to mingle with the powdered rosin.

When all the water is boiled out of them, they are glued together, and then they never warp (parquetry).

The mosaic floor, parquetry, Gothic windows, and patterns of various kinds often involve the regular figures.

She tripped up some wide stone stairs, destitute of carpets, and then down a corridor, slippery with parquetry work.

We can easily see how these same patterns may be further utilized as designs for inlaid tiles, or parquetry floors.

Old Flint stood there a moment, listening to her retreating footfalls on the parquetry of the vast hall.

Makers of trunks find it suitable for slats, and it serves as small squares and borders in parquetry.

Figs. 50 to 54 are rosettes made from parquetry papers with the addition of a small circle or square at the center cut by hand.