Parry [verb]

Definition of Parry:

ward off, circumvent

Synonyms of Parry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parry:

Sentence/Example of Parry:

She could not parry the question as she had done before, and it probed depths.

Now this was a home-thrust, George, which I could not parry off.

It was cut and parry and stab as quick as eye could see or hand act.

But it would never have occurred to me to parry her queries.

And such they were, when the first thrust and parry told that the work had begun.

Good Indian was too proud to parry, too bitter with himself to deny.

Parry, too, clapped his hands, and felt as if he wanted to crow.

But Gregory's answer had been a lunge which the boy had been forced to parry.

Daniel replied with repose and managed to parry or evade all inquiries.

I can parry off the one; I cannot help feeling the burning rays of the other.