Parsonages [noun]

Definition of Parsonages:

church part

Synonyms of Parsonages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parsonages:


Sentence/Example of Parsonages:

Let me get my breath, and then we will go over and open the parsonage windows.

I come every year to the parsonage, and in my visiting-time I occupy this tower.

He turned to the hotel-keeper: "Tell me just how far the parsonage is from here?"

Till evening, therefore, perfect silence settled on the parsonage.

Had the Artauds poisoned the air of the parsonage with some abominable plague?

However, when the plaster was all used up, she said no more about repairing the parsonage.

That morning there was great commotion in the yard at the parsonage.

Perhaps, by way of the roofs, we would be able to reach the parsonage.

It was half-past three when he again knocked at the parsonage door.

Nine o'clock, then ten, and no visitor came to the parsonage.