Partaken [verb]

Definition of Partaken:

eat, share

Synonyms of Partaken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Partaken:

Sentence/Example of Partaken:

Dost think I can let thee go into a danger I do not partake?

Each day it is spread, and each year there are more Bears to partake of it.

What if Benedetta, what if Dario should partake of that fruit?

If you are hungry, come in and partake of the liberal plenty the castle affords.

Partake then, my Imogen, in those refreshments we have prepared for your gratification.

They tend to partake of the methods of pictorial caricature.

She lays the tray before her son and invites me to partake of the repast.

Then we will begin at the beginning:—If one is, can one be, and not partake of being?

Again, the not-one cannot partake of the one; otherwise it would not have been not-one, but would have been in some way one.

And inasmuch as they all partake of limit, they are all affected in the same way.