Partially [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Partially:

And their target is fairly protected and at least partially hidden.

Nat endeavoured to assume a seraphic expression, and partially succeeded.

But Pete was still holding him fast, partially, beyond doubt, for support.

But she saw that Mr. Galloway seemed to think it was hers, or that it was partially hers.

Where did you obtain the money that you applied to liquidate, or partially to liquidate, your debts?

I suppose that's why I partially forgave you for stopping the cablegram.'

The moment they dipped oars into water, the mystery was partially explained.

Monteblanco appeared now partially relieved from a load of anguish.

Pierre double-locked the door, after partially unbinding his brother's hands.

When I got him to his lodgings I partially undressed him and laid him upon his bed.