Participants [noun]

Definition of Participants:

person who takes part in activity

Synonyms of Participants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Participants:





Sentence/Example of Participants:

About eighty spectators, friends of the participants, were present.

The debate between the two and the other participants was long and furious.

It was suppressed, and five of the participants were hanged.

Disease and famine were taking their toll of the participants in the great adventure.

But only a few of the participants of the drive cared to look on.

All the citizens are participants in the sovereign authority.

Like most courtrooms, it had a low fence dividing the spectators from the participants.

Before it fell to the ground a volley from the bows of the participants followed.

The training required for participants in these sacred games was severe.

She knew nothing of it, was acquainted with none of the participants.